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Broken asshole card. 🔥ous lowlives go as far as to crash this into opponent's monsters to special summon 🔥kyrion from their deck out of their asses. Special summon from the deck effects are so broken.
You seem like an angry loser. Try using less profanity and more accurate language. Sorry you can't win more duels. It seems like you could use a win.
<< Anonymous(Goodwood)
Morning wood
Look at his writing, it's just a 7 years old kid who get slapped in his arse countless times by his mom because of using Sylvan on casual duel.
Don't worry, we will nerf every card and/or deck that will beat you. Just give us more money. Thanks


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Most of Ishizu and Zane's Cyber Dragon cards are in boxes. A characters cards being in boxes...
This seems less useful than the original.
1st turn summon xex special yagan and set W nebula meteorite. Xex is almost guaranteed to survive...
it seems good for cycling between excess monsters and adding Dark magic Circle
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