Gouki: deck recipe [May 11]

Aroma is the best, not rely too much on UR/SR staple
Aromage is like Crystrons, big brain deck that will give you time out losses unless you master it. Only unlike Crystrons who are very resilient Aromage scoops if you lose your backrow.
<< Anonymous
Aromage isn't really "big brain". It's easy to learn and easy to master. Crystrons on the other hand...
<< Anonymous
Crystron is harder to master, but Aromage is also big brain.
There are some players who constantly reach KoG using Aromages, while more others struggle with missplay and timing
<< Anonymous
So true, it's easier to become a popular artist by drawing hentai of Aromage characters than by drawing hentai of Crystron or other decks.

We all know what kind of people play Aromage decks.
<< Anonymous
No. Playing with Aromage decks may be easy and straightforward, but drawing hentai contents on them does require a lot of thinking.
Aromage theme is about healing. It's complex to make up BDSM hentai history on that.


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siljo123: Even with three consecutive balance updates nerfing it: Harpies remain as one of the to...
Yes, and considering Red Carpet just got released as an event reward, this skill is now more unne...
I imagine it would be more Backrow focused with Veil, Spear, Helm, and Break Sword
Dark Magician revival?
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