Starter Guide for New Duelists [6/5 updated]

Hi guys Im SELLING ACCOUNT! It has all characters available since the starting of the game (GX too)with minimum level 35  (almost all are 39lvl) it has almost all cards to form tier 1 decks. Full equipment, +160SR and 70UR stones. All keys max almost all element stones up to max KOG 5 TIMES stages 58 and 15 (GX). With  9000 GEMS!!! All old packs obtained 3x times (top cards 3x). All CardTrader cards 3x since starting, all cards from all events available. For more info please contact me at: possibility of checking the account by yourself. Starting bid is 500$ (Amount spent buying decks). Thanks



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No but really, are you joking orrrrr....
Can you make a version for people who don't want to spend money? It seems to be a huge mino...
I've been tempted, but it's hard to find the time to devote gems to getting a second co...
People really do believe this deck can counter blue-eyes. This deck is brick prone, 1 TTH or Econ...
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