King of Game decks [May 2019]

This particular build is doing great for me, although many folks don't agree with playing superbia but it came in clutch too many times, 3 Ukobacks was giving me a weak start and combos so I cut it down to 2. not sure if 2 Amduscs are optimal but it's really good to get contact or morning star from grave as it represents the only pseudo searcher for contact and morning star.
Awesome, gotta love how you put a lightsworn card in a totally different archetype and it actually works.
Cool, I'm already KOG with darklords.
Yeah, it's pretty much interesting how the white wolfie has some synergy with a very different archetype lol
Amazing deck, I KOG'd with darklords this morning and I've only been playing for a while. Had exams the whole week
This deck is really good but you need to be kinda skilled and brainy, otherwise any deck will beat you...
I'd personally go with 1 less Nasten and tech in a generic backrow card, like a monster removal or Cosmic Cyclone, or Canadia/Floodgate.
Ever tried to play WDOR + Power of the Tributed with this deck?
<< Anonymous
Yeah. Need to be brainy in playing Darklord deck


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I see they forgot Spirit Barrier is already in the game.
+1 Hope Konami banned that card! It's really annoying
I meant to say does piercing damage
13 millions - all cards x3 Event done xD
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