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Anyone knows a good use for this card since we don't have synchro or xyz now?
Order to charge
<< Anonymous
You know that Order to Charge specifies not a token right... anyway, this is not useful for XYZ either since XYZ can't be summoned with tokens.
This not a token, this is a trap card Lol
With the new six samurai you can have this to meet the requirement of great shogun shien to special summon him from the hand quickly since it also copies the six sam name that is summoned. With hand of the six samurai you can use this as tribute fodder for his effect as well. Its a useful tech in six sam basically
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Wrong this card is not a token. It doesn't say any token. It said special summon itself as a monster not token. So this card can be used for Xyz summon.
<< Anonymous(LampUp)
Oh yeah I see now. I confused this with Cloning that actually summons a Token so yeah. can be used for XYZ.


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If you can go into rank 4 monsters, summon Abyss Dweller, then set backrow.
You don't need to do Link. Link will do you
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