KC Cup: 1st Stage [Sept 2019]

Nothing interesting to see here. All is p2w deck
Yeah man looking at Fortue Ladies, Darklords even a Control deck, damn man all p2w youre right and definetly not stupid...
The only P2W decks are the ones with structure deck exclusive cards.
<< Anonymous
^Pay to play (P2P) not pay to win (P2W).
<< Anonymous
Pay to play is when you pay for the game only once baby
<< Anonymous
Pay to play is when you pay money to be able to participate, not necessarily once child
<< Anonymous
Ex decks are premium content and has nothing to do with participating kid

The word you are looking for is freemium
Most of these decks have cards that can only be gotten by paying if you want to have the playset so yeah, p2w.

1 control deck vs 6 desperado decks. Yeah, no p2w decks here.


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thanks a lot, I'm following your tips, I will make this deck
it doesnt matter if its intended to be without side decking but its still not competitive not eve...
Wtf man I spent like 25k gems to dig 2 main boxes for blackwings and konami decided to nerf it in...
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