Duelist Chronicle GX: Society of Light [Feb 2020]

I feel that Zane js the Treasure Room opponent.
probably that nobody
Maybe the ojama brothers again just like previous duelist chronicles GX
I wouldn't be surprised if it was a generic character standing in for one of the many random Society of Light duelists from the anime (with like a B.E.S. deck or Frog deck or something).

I also wouldn't be surprised if it was the Ojama Brothers again, lol. Who knows, though, it might be someone more interesting, like Alexis or Bastion.
<< Anonymous
I played the Treasure Room earlier, the opponent was the Ojama Brothers, unless it changes randomly.


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Have you had enough with gameA?
Leave the g a y kid alone. He's not ready for his coming out yet.
Ya, but Not Sure if Narsch will be released or not.
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