Tea Gardner

Tea actually has a few notable duels, for example when she defeated Mai to help Yugi get Star Chips to get into Pegasus's castle. She's definitely not an idiot, and isn't that bad at dueling either. In the first episode, Tea beats Joey 5-0 (it's true that Joey sucked at the time, but it still shows that Tea is pretty good for not being a serious duelist).
Mai let tea won that duel. She isnt that bright since she just kept summoning weak monsters in atk
mai let tea win
she won against the penguin (one of the big 5)
She was definitely underrated due to her few duels onscreen. People says she's all about friendship stuff.
Tea is the only duelist that has had more than 1 Duel without losing a single one. Just sayin'
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 12days ago
Yeah, Tea has an impressive perfect dueling record for someone who claimed to be not a duelist.



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