Ranked Match Updates!

Ranked duels reset for me, but my wins haven't... I'm still at above 120, so I can't receive any of the rewards...
Same I got the same problem.
report to konami they need to fix that
they need to fix this
<< Anonymous
I assume they just think this is resolved and people will wait till 1st July. But no doubt they would mess up giving the right rewards then.
I have about 140 right now. Does this mean I can go without playing a single game and get full rewards next month, or do I still need to win another 120 (total of ~260)? They weren’t really clear about that.
<< Anonymous
I’m also confused on this. It says I got all the rewards this season but I received nothing, so do I have to do 120 more duels or do I get everything without having to win even once?
<< Anonymous
I really want to know that too.

Do we need to add 120 games on the 120+ games that were not reset.
Same and they said it would take 1-2 weeks to get back to me when I filled a report how unfair especially when you had to earn them and you feel cheated by Konami but they never give out things for their stuff ups so donot expect anything also read the terms you agree to when you first sign up they are not responsible for anything also no refunds
Me too. I'm going to ask the same question. So it affects everybody then.
<< Anonymous
It should for me 1 victory for gems(like normal), but as I got the victory, it returned to the last month counter. Now I'm curious if I still can get the missed 80+ victory rewards(and/or the today's month one). o.o



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