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Need help setting up my first turn with heroes. I always fail going first with them. Also some combo explanations would help too
Yami Aster
You'll want to use Faris effect to try putting as many as you can in defense mode, with malicious if it comes to that. Or if you use Faris to connect Minimum Ray instead and hope you can use it to destroy their monster, unless they get backrow removal and use it first. If you start with mask change and stratos, it is good defense to set it to use on stratos on their turn to make blast to disrupt.
<< Anonymous(Yami Aster)
Thanks a lot
<< Anonymous
Yami Aster
Sure. Glad I could help.
depends on matchup either wall of heroes or increase in ur spell and trap zone and waiting.for eg if you want to set up a better next turn and the opp is not using a deck which otks u then use the latter.
minimum ray not worth it.its even more pain in hand but even the destroy is not that relevant cos its max lvl 4 monster.use 3 increase if you need to feel the deck.i use 3 increase and its surprisingly good with gravito


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