Structure Deck EX: The White Dragon of Legend

I believe they are releasing 1 EX pack EVERY 6 MONTHS. Is it really a problem, guys? Since silent magician's release, the competitive meta was full of Non Expensive decks such as Amazoness, Fur Hires and even spellbooks + that grass looks greener. (And actually, those decks still remain as competitive).
The only problem I'm seeing right now, it's the fact that some guys complain about EX packs, BUT those dudes are THE SAME WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT F2P DECKS SUCH AS AMAZONESS AND FUR HIRE.

What the actual f*ck dude?, those dudes are really zombies with no brain at all.
Complainers just keep raging and hating for no reason at all, this pack won't change the meta in a negative way, just as silent magician never did either
F2p players know pretty well that there's always going to be a non expensive deck to win, that's DL, only haters complain about absolutely everything, even about the most random things. But one thing is fore sure, they never win lol, yep, they never do... because they keep losing to cheap, expensive, budget decks; they lose to everything.

Please, don't be a hater like them.
Respect yourself :D
∩( ・ω・)∩ !
It's not even expensive man, 3$ each pack, seriously...
I'm definitely buying this deck as well, I totally love the blue eyes archetype !!
Oh boi, oh boi............
Amazoness was such a good investment, it was really cheap and even after bigger techs were needed its price was around 5k gems, hope they keep giving us such decks.
People already reached kog with 'that grass looks greener' this season.
6 months, that's pretty interesting, you are right, now that I think about it, EX packs are kinda rare to see, yep, they've got an 'elitist' vibe around them, however for 3$ I think I could become Kaiba as well LMAO !
price is not bad now that I think about it !
Not really a problem since meta is full of F2P DECKS !



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