36th Mini Box: Idea of Armageddon

New box = 2 weeks of new contents for youtubers, until they back to the usual "optimized/new way to play [insert any old deck]"
>Add enemy controller and more staples to a deck

>Call it oPtiMizeD in a 15 mins clickbait video

<< Anonymous
hello dlm gang
"This deck is OP", " X times winstreak", "Undefeated", blahh blah blahh.
They literally said that in every deck lol. I found it interesting when they discussed something like a banlist prediction but for "OP" deck play what I mostly see is opponent who can't even read card or "confident" player who didn't even play backrow or handtrap.
<< Anonymous
I'm still wondering: Are those guys just trolls? Are they noobs that just hype every piece of sh!t? Or do they actually get paid for promoting the newest cards?
They are just entertainer with profit from ads. Brand new cards is easy clickbait compared to recycled old stuffs.
Not KoG
Old decks other than Aromage will not work anymore. Those decks are so skill dependent or had their keys banned to the hilt. The only optimization I see would be the Blue-Eyes, KoMoney fav.
<< Anonymous
Not KoG
@Anon, Tell that to Harpies who never even bother reading a set card and just either destroy it or bounce it.


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I know it's early, but I really hope they add the independent Ai, really like @ignisters
wtf you talking OP. There no such skill that was officially release with regards to what you'...
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