King of Game decks [May 2019]

Evan Walsh
Remember when they said Cosmo Brain was going to be limited? it's been almost a year since the White Dragon of Legend was put for sale. NO limits at all LOL ! HAHAHAHAH ! And taht's not all, I bet Metaphys, Subterrors and specially Samurais will be playable after 1 year. Screw all the haters, Duel Links is awesome.
Must agree with this guy. Even silent magician is playable right now, it actually won one of Duel Links Meta's tournaments not so long ago.
NO limits coming. That's what I think
Forever Unlimited
I think you should say:
"That's a given"
Cosmo Brain is a forever meta card.


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dude in every place there is stupid
in every place there is stupid @@@ monkeys dont know how write Shiranui you always read shurena...
blackwing on this event? pathetic you should shame yourself use tier deck in event when everyone ...
If it makes battle damage 0 shouldn't attacking defense position monster result in the attac...
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