Marik Ishtar

If it will realesed someday, i hope his ace cards is des gardius... or at least worm drake...
<< Anonymous
(continued): As for Marik's ace monster, I have no idea. I've seen some people claim it is Ra, but I don't know about that. Maybe he would take a page from his sister's book and have his ace card be a trap or spell. In that case, maybe Necrovalley? Who knows?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Thinking about it... I think his boss monster (assuming they don't go game-original and give him Hieratics or something) has to be Metal Reflect Slime. None of the remaining cards that could be acceptable make sense. It's not like Granadora or Humanoid Worm Drake's going to be it, and I doubt Ra or a variant of it would be either. (They'd have done that for Yami Marik if anyone.)
<< Anonymous
The problem is a lack of cards to give out. Aside from Yami Marik's level-up cards (most of which are tame enough one-ofs to still be plausible, but I won't mention them here), there's basically Granadora, Humanoid Slime/Worm Drake, Bait Doll, Meteor of Destruction, Tribute Burial and Vengeful Bog Spirit. Maybe a few things like GK's Ambusher or Cursed Fig could barely pad it out. But eh.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
I think necrovalley is the chosen card for marik
There are still monsters that haven't been realeased yet
Makyura and other grave keepers
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
*part (google keyboard, facepalm XD)
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
*when (grammar perfectionist XD)
<< Anonymous(Baharley)
If I wasn't sure if he would be playable now I am.
Last time I checked on Reddit datamined files that wasn't there.
Hope he's realesed this year.
<< Anonymous(YamiRyou)
There is a new character list from Xof that I found on Reddit, and Marik was on it.



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same, still waiting on Atticus
I like this card with Traptrix.
Konami needs to give us this to help slash
I had a weird dream in it konami execs were touching my ass, has this happened to anyone before?
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