Train Your Kuriboh! Campaign Details

well, that escalated quickly
"Once you have released you Kuriboh, you will be unable to obtain Rewards for forms beyond the form you released it at."

Correct me if I'm wrong, does this means if I release it at Sphere Kuriboh for the 1st time, then I can still raise another one, but at max it can be raised to Sphere only.

Is it like this???
<< Anonymous
That's probably what it means. But I guess it's possible that it could just mean that you forfeit any further progress on that Kuriboh (which is blatantly obvious, but people are stupid).
<< Anonymous
I suppose it wouldn't be difficult for someone to make a new account, claim the lowest tier and see if it prevents them going further.
<< Anonymous
yes ,, only at sphere and below
<< Anonymous
You can only train one kuriboh after you release it you can’t train a kuriboh anymore



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