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🔥 is to call this game expensive when it's not. And you know why?, because it means you don't have enough brain to farm in a game that gives away gems almost everyday, Brainy.
What a man of culture :)
I couldn't agree more !
You need many gems not just a few to buy packs.
The game also has massive powercreep, so if you spend many gems on a certain box it will become outdated later.
<< Anonymous
You don't need to spend a dime to be competitive. Amazoness, Fur-Hires, Sylvans, Spellbooks (Pure) were all meta for more than 2-3 formats and very easy to build. And now Vampires are the same. Tier 1 deck that you can build with less than 10K gems
Exactly, I has zero gems a few weeks ago after going on a spending spree with them but had accumulated almost 10,000 again by today to buy the new deck. In the year I have been playing I have not spent one single penny of real money on the game.
<< Anonymous
Time is money. Money is time. So basically you are spending a lot of time to farm. Wayyyyy more valuable than money you would spend on this game tbh. It goes either way. Vice versa. People want to save time and spend money. Just cause you haven’t spent a “penny” doesn’t mean you haven’t paid in some way.
<< Anonymous(Whatever. )
By that justification anything you do that doesn't result in more money for you is a waste of time.

Get back to work slave, you need to earn your shekels to pay for my gibs.
Cant summon stardust dragon anyone having this issue or how to summon it
<< Anonymous(Whatever. )
like this very true. just depends on situation...can’t TELL others how to accumulate coins lololol
you are pretty much right, my friend.


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I know that this deck looks weird but it works pretty well and it's very budget friendly (yo...
gameA budget version is the best list, just replace rose whisp by 3 angelica replace 1 cangnga by...
Yubel deck is really sad XD Poisoner break the 10k damage with Montage Dragon, lol !
This game is kinda crap tbh
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