Is yubel this difficult in the TCG or does no one play it?
No cause there’s plenty of cards that can deal with her
Yubel is basically already extremely powercreeped in real life.

Doesn't help that in the real life, the Fire King stuff only came long after Yubel. The power level of decks by the time Fire King stuff shows up, is too strong for Yubel to compete against.
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Back when Yubel first shows up, it's mediocre, but not because of its power, rather, it's because not many deck can bring it out easily. So people prefer playing other decks instead.

As the above anon says, by the time a deck that can bring it out easily shows up, Yubel itself is already powercreeped a long time ago.


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This horse is annoying everytime I farm Blair/Rei. She easily summon 2900+ ATK with piercing and ...
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