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Am I the only one feeling that it's becoming more and more unlikely to obtain good cards when dueling with LD? I defeated Super Joey each time with a score not less than 3000, and i didn't get one single rare card, same with yugi moto (one rare card!!). It's really frustrating, it was easier before to get good cards, now it's all rubbish
Player J
I am a fairly new player.
I joined the game very close to the ending of the Pegasus Event.

I really loved the Pegasus Event.
I am kind of sad I missed the start of the Pegasus Event.
I really had a lot of fun with it.

The Yugi Muto + Super Joey events which followed after have been the worse events.
I really hate both of them.

Player J
I don't have a farm deck because I am still new. I try to use the best deck I have again Joey. It has helped me reach Gold rank 2.

I face Joey every 8 hours I think.
He appears very low to me.

When he does show up, I try to use my best deck to beat him.

I sometimes get terrible hands
Joey ends up having all the counter responses.

Player J
I faced Super Joey 6 times.
I tried to beat him by playing manually.
I have a 1 - 5 record.
I usually lose with 1k AP only.

I have begun doing a new strategy for this event.
My strategy is to pretend the event doesn't exist.

If I see Super Joey, I click the auto fight button as if it is a Standard Duelist.

3K assessment is pretty low, although you can get lucky. I had a similar experience with my first Yugi Mutou event (which was his second appearance) but by this last time he appeared, I had obtained enough cards to farm him, Cerberus Farm, and I got 7K assessment regularly.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Just focus your resources on obtaining cards that will help you farm, then invest in your PVP deck. Farming is probably less important if you have money to spend on the game, otherwise, prioritize farming cards over PVP.
Anne on a mouse
Anyone know why my characters no longer speak and legendary animations never happen on my duel links anymore?
Anne on a mouse
Anyone know why my characters no longer speak and legendary animations never happen on my duel links anymore?
<< Anonymous(Anne on a mouse)
Have you messed with the animation settings, i.e. for battery saving?
I remember having to do that manually because I had low battery, maybe your device has done the same automatically to remain online?
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Anne on a mouse
I put energy usage to maximum on duel links and turned off low power mode on my iPhone, any advice?
<< Anonymous(Anne on a mouse)
Anne on a mouse
All sorted now, had to change settings while in a duel
<< Anonymous(Anne on a mouse)
Good, good, now we can get back to the cancer that is DL >D
<< Anonymous(Player J)
XL Kuriboh
It's just a part of the game dude, you just have to be patient for the time being. wait until you get the cards for farming decks but until then you'll have no choice but to be patient.



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it is great event
Thanks you helped me cause im a sped kid who hasn't gotten 1 mil
I finally figured out why my Bagworm worked on his Jumboroid summoned by this: it’s not tha...
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