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PLEASE, for the love of christ, remove this damn card! You add gladiator beasts, and fail to add test tiger and gyzarus, but noooo, we'll add a 3000 atk (3300 with this card), stops all spells and traps during battle phase (effectively negating 80% of countering cards in the game), piercing damage. Like, go absolutely f*ck yourself! If this is allowed in game, it should be strictly allowed for pve and banned in PvP. Hands down, I bet the top ranked players will have AG decks.
Cry more dumb af AnonD.
*hands you a pistol to shoot yourself*
i just fucked up ag deck with my ice barrier,they're weak
<< Anonymous
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It IS a powerful deck, but like a lot of decks that run tributes its very prone to bricking, s/t removal, and Flood gate. There are faster more versatile decks now that can easily counter gear and other good decks.



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Keep dreaming retard
RIP you liar, as nobody believes you :D
The only hit I see happening is Duel Wield to 2 or 1. Final Battle won't get hit till the li...
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