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Someone make a deck based on this please?
its actually mine hope u like it
i use it with aromage strategy just to know how to play
<< Anonymous(Vegax77)
Junk synchron doesnt really work as arcanite is lvl 7, theres much better tuners for this
<< Anonymous(Vegax77)
My deck:

2 X Endymion
2 X Econ
2 X Defender the magical knight
2 X Breaker the magical warrior
3 X Power of the guardians
1 X Magical exemplar
1 X Super rushheadlong
1 X Dark resonator
1 X XX saber fulhelmknight
1 X Vylon Cube - for equip card search.
1 X Magical something - or any monster than gains spell counters via spell card use.
2 X Mythical bestiary

Extra Deck - 3 X Arcanite Magic

<< Anonymous
This is mine, works fine sometimes, even against Yubel decks.

Gotta need some Breaker, but i think it's fine.

Also i tried with Dark Valk, but it makes it too slow.
<< Anonymous(Lucko)
Decent that but with silent magician there isnt much focus on arcanite magician which is absolutely key. Also I would avoid traps as then endymion wont have as much spell counters to use.
Run lvl 4 spellcasters with spell counters and a unexpected dai engine to pop out a lvl 3 normal tuner. You can take it a step further and try a Gemini elf too because it's a lvl 4 earth spellcaster so you can synchro out landoise or arcanite.


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I imagine it would be more Backrow focused with Veil, Spear, Helm, and Break Sword
Dark Magician revival?
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