Rise of the Yubel - Soul Polymerization [Oct 2019 Updated]

im new player, anyone have level 30 yubel deck list?
Here's a decklist to both the level 30 and 40 yubel
want to farm yubel lv40 with 8k+ EVERY GAME? try this deck
1x winged dragon of ra
1x jinzo
1x darklord superior
1x darklord desire
2x darklord nasten
3x darklord tezcatlipoca
3x darklord ixchel
3x darklord contact
and of course
3x banishment of darklords

very consistent 8k+ points every game, gain lp until 10k+ lp summon ra, kill
It's also VERY VERY cheap, no extra, you see, very cheap
<< Anonymous
^ it is very good deck for beginners, all should try
<< Anonymous
I forgot, skill is "no mortal can resist"
currently 9823800 with this deck
<< Anonymous
Seto Kaiba
hmmm, bait yubels Ultimate providence by paying 1k from a darklord monster and then activate that skill when they discard a yubel card... I see, interesting
<< Anonymous
thanks but i dont have winged dragon of ra atm
<< Anonymous
try my deck
1x GK vassal
1x secret rooms to treasures
2x union
3x triamid cruiser
2x triamid kingolem
2x traimid fortress
2x traimid dancer
3x triamid hunter
2x triamid master
2x triamid pulse
throw in a god if you want to boost a bit of DP

Chain a triamid on field spell for fortress when they use those destruction spells
<< Anonymous
keep fortress at the end of every yubels turns and activate dancer or master while fortress is on field to bait Ulti prov, pulse destroy yubel upgraded forms on chain link 2 to mis timing (or on lava golem), keep dancer + master and keep using dancer so the two has combined total 5k+ atk. final turn use bread and butter combo 2x union + secret on vassal and otk. probably works less efficient tho


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LOL InfernityArchifiend is top 50 most broken card in yugioh :v
You gotta win 5 in a row
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