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... And they never called REBD decks bad again.
Not bad. Just not as good as Kaibaman (sub red-eyes spirit for Soul resurrection and done).
um red eyes is pretty good in the tcg so i dont know what you're talking about....oooooh you didn't play the tcg like 90 percent of the other people on this forum
<< Anonymous
And the fact that you did puts you way above the 90% who haven't played right?
<< Anonymous
Clearly since he knows what he's talking about unlike you
<< Anonymous
The thing that's clear is you agree with him, which makes him an expert iyo.
The op was just stating the community issues around rebd decks were going to be solved by this card, and while I understand why some people have so little fun they need to tell you how better they are compared to you, nobody really cares who plays what.
Bragging about bananas when the topic is artichokes.


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Try to deactivate your regular firewall on your device. You can't use two firewalls at the s...
not the case any more bro its set your omni negate and win
Now that Link decks are a thing, what are the best staples? I was using Book of Moon and Floodgat...
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