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All I want is one god damn "a legendary ocean" been looking 3 times a day for the past 5 days and nothing. Seriously only 1 or 2 cards are switching every time and the rest stay the same. I don't understand how this works???
same, they release sea stealth attack but never a legendary ocean.. ok konami
That's why I buy 3 copies of all cards on card trader esp UR/SR. Saving the trouble.
<< Anonymous
The problem is, you can only buy 1 copy of each card at a time.
I see Legendary Ocean every time in my CT. lol
Still Alive
I got all 3 copies of a legendary ocean WAY back when Neo-Daedalus first came out lol



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Now I'm glad I got 2 copies of hardened armed dragon while I'm grinding for Anki before.
I never knew that someone who builds a deck to lose in PVP existed. (Exception: the Espa roba...
Lol yes and I know exactly where you’re going with this
Bhaaaaa are you a sheep?
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