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What do i change to make it to platinum? Gotten to gold 3 so far
Picture fail
<< Anonymous(VirginWizard)
Last card is metalmorph by the way
idk, no combo. only attack attack?
<< Anonymous
Strategies rely mostly on using traps to increase ATK in the battle phase and counter, summoning monsters quickly and depending on the situation using desert twister or destructotron to destroy magic/traps.
Most of the fights i lose are either because i failed to predict a mirror wall, a kuriboh gets in the way, or I'm up against territory of the harpies and de-spell doesn't come out quickly
So i got lucky buying some boxes, did some improvements but now seems like everyone is running gravekeeper and relinquished decks, so I'm levelling up may to get etaqua and trying to get divine wrath
<< Anonymous(VirginWizard)
Relinquished is Top Tier, so you can expect to see more of it as you get higher. Possessed Dark Soul at 1 seems to be a popular Tech choice, maybe try a copy? As for GKs, I don't think I know of any Tech choices you could add, Ishzark might be fun though.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Since your deck is essentially a Beatdown deck, you have lots of room for Tech cards, so look at your collection and see what's available...Security Orb is a decent E-Con replacement, a second S/T removal or Bluff trap for those HHG matches, Eliminating the League, Soul Exchange, etc.
<< Anonymous(VirginWizard)
Player J
Your deck has a lot of Psychic cards.
The problem is you only have 1 field spell.

The Psychic cards/deck really depend on the field spell.

You either need more copy's or more searching cards which bring the field spell to your hand faster.

Otherwise, don't use the Psychic cards in your deck.



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