King of Game decks [August 2020]

Infernity is so underrated
It was actually very overrated when the new box released
It works only thanks to the skill and hey trunade. Without the skill this deck is nothing.
<< Anonymous
Many decks in Duel Links depends on skill, and it's ok.
For example, Cyber Dragon can turn the tide and win just by using Cyber Style
<< Anonymous
If the skill will be nerfed or any card in the deck limited at two (so they can't play hey trunade) the deck is dead.
<< Anonymous
its not ok to win by a single skill and turning the has nothing to do with the cards or the game itself its just a built in broken sh i t sometimes
I don't even know how this deck is that good, coz apparently it is.
<< Anonymous(...)
Agreed. Cyber dragons are not nerfed to oblivion because people are still buying its cards. Once everyone is finished buying these new banlist will nerf it hard.

As expected of Konami.

This game should be renamed from Duel Monsters to wallet monsters.


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lunalight is still missing cards
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