How to beat/farm Super Joey Lvl 30

Player J
I manage to get 7-8k DA against level 30 Joey. I used Buster Blader, The Dragon Destroy. The goal of the deck can be said in 5 steps. 1- Bring out The Dragon Destroy as fast as possible. 2 - Bring out a Buster Blader. Use Buster Blader the normal one to 🔥 off Joey's excess monsters. *Important* Make sure you always leave Joey with 1 monster on board. 3 - Wait till you have 0 cards left in your deck. 4 - Use Riryoku to half the normal Buster Blader. Than increase the Dragon Destroy. Than use Gift of the Martyr. 5 - Use the Dragon Destroy which is now super boosted to 🔥 off the last monster Joey has on field. It will do piercing damage of over 16k+ You don't need vassal or piranha. Thank You I hope this helps!
Ptw deck for ptw players.
Player J
In case, you are wondering.
I use the skill 3-Star Demotion mainly for the level 40 Joey.

The level 30 Joey has no defense against the Buster Blader, The Dragon Destroyer Swordsman!

You can use other skills Restart or Balance etc.

The only card you will need to change is Supreme Berry.
I use the Berry only for 3SD to help recover the cost of using the skill.
You can replace them for traps.
<< Anonymous
Player J
I disagree Anoymous.
I don't feel like the deck is very expensive.
I think the deck is very flexible.

I only have 3 Ultra Rares.
1- Riryoku = I got from card trader.
Most people recommend this as 1 of the first cards to get for farming.

2- Buster Blader, The Dragon Destroyer Swordsman = I got this from Crimson pack going after V. Lord.

3- Red-Eyes Wyvern = I got this from the same pack
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The goal of the deck is to make Buster Blader, The Dragon Destroyer Swordsman!

All you need is Poly., Buster Blader, & 1 dragon or 1 fusion material.

All the dragons you see in my deck are replaceable.

You can replace them with different dragons or fusion material.

I merely picked those dragons because they have high attack or nice effects.

seriously there is no way this deck is p2w, this deck is very cheap and effective for players wont dont have UA
<< Anonymous
Nice deck working perfectly for Joey 30. But how do you counter Miyabi on his lvl 40 ? Tried your deck 3 times, lost 3 times. Dead hands in 1st round got me two times, and on the last, he used Miyabi round 2...

I think it's better to use Restart than 3SD
<< Anonymous
What are a list of the monsters in this deck? I cant see from the picture, thank you
Very Free deck once you pull destroyer. Used this mod version and still got 7.4k. Thanks
<< Anonymous(Yay)
What is the name of the two pink monsters and the 3 level 3 green ones?
This deck is actually really good. Got at least 7000 DA. I created a modified version for super joey 30/40 and for kaiba 40 and i average 5000 for kaiba. Got my second Econ today because of it
Thanks for this deck dude! Helped a lot, made some tweaks and it works amazing. <3
<< Anonymous(jlien12)
what is the level 3 monster that he has three of and the level 4 monster in the top right that he has two of?
<< Anonymous
Mirage dragon,
What deck can i use if i dont have the Buster blader fusion? Never got It un the packs.
<< Anonymous
its Mirage dragon from the card trader, and hunter dragon from dragons structure deck! your welcome! ;)
I use restart (I rarely have to use this skill.) Swapped 2 berry's for 2 fusion sage. I get over 20000 all the time by using riryoku & martyr on another dragon destroyer.
<< Anonymous
Player J
Yeah! level 30 Joey is pretty easy!

Level 40 Joey has only 1 card which can be a problem, Miyabi!

If I had 2x Dragon Destroyer, I would summon both as fast as possible.

Than his Miyabi wouldn't be able to get rid of both!

However, I don't have 2 copies of it.
I only have 1 copy.

So what I do is I summon the Dragon Destroyer.
Than I use 3SD to summon Buster Blader!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
I use the normal Buster Blader to stall until I can bring out Dragon Destroyer again.

Buster Blader will have crazy high attack.

The only time Joey will ever attack into Buster Blader the normal one is if he has Metalmorph.

Which isn't that high of a chance.
He has 1 metalmorph.
He has 1 miyabi.
You shouldn' have a problem.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
However, I will say if you feel like the computer is cheating.

I do believe the game makes the computer cheat.
They only have 1 metalmorph & 1 miyabi.
Than the computer draws them every single time.

If you think that is what is happening, I suggesting adding Dimension Gates!

You can use restart!
Than change 2 Berries to Dimension Gate!
When ever Joey tries to use Miyabi.
Chain Dimension Gate!
Damn i dont have nor dimension gate nor dragon destroyer. I guess i'll have to defeat him with 2-3k points and hope for the best.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Dimension gate is good to bring Dragon destroyer out of harms way!

I didn't add it originally because I don't feel like it is a problem for me.

Maybe in the future it will be a problem for me than I will change etc.

The beauty of the deck is its flexibility!
I like my decks Flexibility!
I want them to be able to adapt!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
1) All the dragon monsters can change to other dragon monsters or fusion material

2) We have 5 different skills we can use!
A. 3-Star Demotion
B. Restart
C. Balance
D. Destiny Draw
E. Labyrinth Builder

3) Deck space!
You can cut -2 Berry -1 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
I only use them for the 3SD skill!
The other skills don't have to have these cards.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
You can pretend the fight is real!
You can add in windstorm or enemy control.

The trick is to get Joey on the ropes!
Than stall until you get your last card.
You get 500 extra duel points if you win with 0 cards left in your deck.

It's a real duel fight.
However, we are doing the killer blow at the end

We have the advantage!
Joey is using dragons.
We have the monster to counter!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
I have been waiting for weeks to get my revenge on Super Joey!

He gave me terrible drops last time!
I was struggling to get a single card from the baster.

This time I was going to show him no mercy!

All his dragons will be in a fetal defensive position.

I refuse to let him even be in attack position!

He is lucky! I don't have a second dragon destroyer!

It would be the end of Joey Wheeler!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
I made 2 different decks!
Just in case, I needed back up!
I made the Dragon Destroyer deck.
I made the Dark Paladin deck.

Oh, Yeah!
I am going to bring all the dragon hate with me!

I couldn't even get him to spawn 1 time for me last time!
I swear he was ducking me the whole time.
He is running scared!

It is ridiculous.
I hate these spawning events.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Super No Show Joey!

When I am finished with him, He is going to stop playing dragons.

Than start playing warriors again.
<< Anonymous
The Godfather
You're 🔥ed if you think this is a ptw deck
<< Anonymous
The 2 monster is mirage dragon (from card trader) The 3 star monster is hunter dragon (from structure deck)
Player J
I am undefeated against Super Joey with this deck.

I hope everyone else is doing great with the deck + getting great card drops!
<< Anonymous(Yay)
What can i use besides Flamvell Grunika? I do not have one. Thanks!


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