Maximillion Pegasus

Is anyone else experiencing getting mostly gold, orbs, gems vs Pegasus and low amount of card rewards?
Yes! I've experienced at 8k assessment, all gold rewards, with no card or gems at all..
Ive farmed 10m points and got 3 of all his drops
Gold, orbs, and crappy cards (if that) even after beating lv 40.
Can anything be the cause of getting low amount of card rewards or is it just bad rng/low chance to get them?
It is pure luck if. I now have all ton cards and all cards Pegasus gives away. I even had five toon mermaids until I converted two. I have three toon masked sorcerers and even pulled toon world on my first against his 30



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also beats decks with forbidden chalice and you have enough cards to protect or bring back you...
REZD is no longer tier 1. AG can easily beat them
I'm DLMax with AG, i usually loose to CA/Phoenix, i destroyed everything else.
This game got already broken with thr indruce of CA and Ancien gear monsters and now we get this ...
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