Abyss Encounters

l got luck to pull all the Giskki cards x3, then try to build a Giskki ritual. It’s literally shitter than CA -_-
Gishiki are FAR from "shit" and are missing some cards, including 2 Ritual monsters & 2 searching monsters that also can be used as the entire ritual summoning requirement, & also have stricter Level summoning requirements.

If they had these cards, Gishiki would probably be considered 'OP' but idc, they are a fun Archetype. Try them out in the real game~
Same with aliens, I gave up using them almost instantly as soon as I faced hazy beasts and realised they stand no chance against them. I think most of these decks are better in theory.
<< Anonymous
Aliens are a completely different story as they were never given enough power to ever really be a threat to anyone.
And in this modern age, Aliens still pose no threat to any real deck but does have some powerful Reptile monsters. That's about it.
<< Anonymous
Yeah Aliens were never really good. But their key card was their synchro monster that could return face-up s/t's to hand (allowing constant reuse of some choice continuous spells), dumping A-Counters essentially for free, and popping cards at a really low cost.
<< Anonymous
UGH I KNOW. I sooooo wanted Soul Ogre. Zielgigas would have been cool too, but probably too OP (triggers skills, draws, and free removal).
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg
Tetro Ogre & Soul Ogre are a pair made in troll heaven. They broke up the team man. Soul Ogre gotta get released soon (at the very least) so they stand a fair chance in the Meta.
NO Zielgigas, Shadow, Soul orge, Kraken.... how to win with this cripple Gishiki ?

I look at all the card this new box gave me and still can't find win con for this Gishiki.
Use it with the broken ssa



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You're in luck. Some of the SR tickets they give away in Duel Quest does provide Wetlands
I wish they would respect my opinions.
I think if you fight against this using dino you have to substitute marella for double cyclone. U...
Thanks for sharing your deck and strategy. I think it will help other players understand how to f...
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