Water Dragon Cluster

Special summon 2 beaters of 2800.
Completely pointless if there is floodgate waiting
<< Anonymous
Same can be said for every other monster cards
<< Anonymous
my god, you just made the point that floodgate stops all monsters, BROKEN!
<< Anonymous
To be fair, it is slightly more of an issue here, since it hits TWO monsters in this scenario, making it much harder to play around.
<< Anonymous
Mah Boi
Not true. If activated as a responte to both Water Dragons being summoned, both will be stuck facedown.
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Yeah you would need to run Fire Formation Gyokkou and Xing in here and tread carefully. Building the deck around cluster is tight if you want to take advantage of the double summon. Honestly I wouldn't worry about that and just focus on it's monster effect negation instead for the sake of consistency.


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That's delicious. Give us more of your salty tears, you salty loser. Thank you for playin...
Sure, have fun with this bad card.
Read your skills and read your other cards.
Total bullsheet because you can play metalfoes that is good and not anime and almost full power.
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