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Recommended LD: Tea (Lvl 10) Skill: Balance Monsters (6): 3x Card Ejector 3x Destiny HERO - Doom Lord Spells (8): 3x Horn of the Unicorn 3x Power of the Guardians 1x Sword of Deep-Seated 1x Generic 500+ ATK Boost Equip Spell Card Traps (6): 3x Jar of Greed 3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu
This is for trigger Scud missions
<< Anonymous(EokLennon)
Onion Blader
I didn't have enough Horns of the Unicorn so I just replaced 2 those with Bashing Shield (take no damage from attacks involving that card) and added Dark Core, just in case anyone finds that useful.
Also Mask of Remnants so you don't deck out because I only have 2 Yata-Garasu.
Holy crap, thank you dude
But kaiba and mokuba don't have balance, can I complete the mission with non-dsod duelists?
<< Anonymous
Nvm yes you can use other world characters


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Well in that case he should buy a lottery ticket for getting 3 Oracles with <3,000,000 points
I can tribute Arkana's DM just fine.
not KoG material, it will show up in the ticket anyway, not worth grinding
thank you for posting this very help me , I got frustrated with the challengs
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