Tour Guide's Mission Bingo Event [Jan 2022]

lol Clayman as reward
Jayden Yucky
The sad thing is this is a huge Elemental HERO buff...
<< Anonymous(Jayden Yucky)
It's probably actually going to NEGATIVELY impact Elemental HERO decks, actually, since people will be using more copies of a card they shouldn't be using.
<< Anonymous
Not if you play a deck that uses Clayman's fusions.

Clayman at least can defend itself, unlike fusion subs with their far weaker stats.
._. why do you dudes mock clayman so much ._.? lol
I always thought that people was being ironic asking about clayman, but then I saw some using it. Guys, clayman is bad. I love elemental heroes and clayman is a option that probably will lead you to lose even on gold.
<< Anonymous
That's the thing though, if it is not that good, then why it is restricted to 1 copy? It makes no sense, it should have been at 3 copy since a long time ago.
<< Anonymous
This. It never was about how good it is, it's about why it is restricted to 1 copy if it wasn't that good.
<< Anonymous
Actually only reason why we got him is because they are slowing releasing some of the level up cards, the less broken ones.
I mean its better than lv'ing up Jaden to get it imo.


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