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Good for Rank 3 XYZ
XYZ doesn't have any Rank 3, just Fusions.

(That and why would you use this card in a deck full of LIGHT Machines anyway)
<< Anonymous
Here comes the union 🔥 again...
<< Anonymous
It takes a lot of stupidity not to notice that he ment the ranked cards not XYZ. Than again you could just being a tool cause of the lolz
<< Anonymous(Trash)
But all-capsing it takes more effort than typing Xyz. I'd have thought it more logical to assume XYZ-Dragon Cannon since they went out of their way on that.

Realistically, all-capsing "XYZ" when meaning the Extra Deck monster type is dumber than people joking about XYZ-Dragon Cannon.
<< Anonymous
If you thought it was more logical in this context you're either stupid or noob. Excuses don't save you.
<< Anonymous
The context here is kinda irrelevant. They went out of their way to be INCORRECT. There is no logical or excusable reason for that.

Also, worth pointing out that Deep Sea Diva is Level 2, so is not at all relevant for Rank 3 monsters anyway, so they were an idiot regardless.


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not the case any more bro its set your omni negate and win
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