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Ojama Yellow
I think Master could use this card just in case our field spell would get destroyed
Ojama Green
No one would dare to destroy it!
<< Anonymous(Ojama Green)
Ojama Black
But why would Master run this card when all he needs is the 3 of us?
Ojama Blue
Because Master wants us to be even better than we already are. That said, we ARE the best.
Stop bugging me Ojamas! I’m using this card!
<< Anonymous(Chazz)
Time to Chazzed you down!
<< Anonymous(Aster)
Aster more like Laster
<< Anonymous
Tristan Taylor
... All those ugly Ojamas... and no one even thinks of releasing my anyway
<< Anonymous(Tristan Taylor)
All dese autisms.


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Or, you could, you know, wait for them to activate the spells/traps first then chain your immunit...
That's because by design link monsters cannot change their battle position. They have no lev...
Cyber Angels are no longer tiered.
Was this skill only obtainable during the event?
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