Rex Raptor

Hey guys this is my dino deck any tips to improve it?
Player J
The best way to fix your Dino deck is to help you understand the different variations which are played using Dino's!

The game has like 5 different Dino Variations.

1) Vanilla Dinosaurs
2) The Fire Dinosaurs
3) The Reptile Dinosaurs
4) The Fusion Dinosaurs
5) Big Dinosaurs

Your deck looks like it should mainly be the Vanilla Dinosaur variation.

The Vanilla Variation uses 2x copies of Lotus.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Sgt Electro & Element Saurus are found more in the Fire Dinosaur decks.

You probably should take them out in your version.

They use Electro to lock down opponents backrow.

Than they use Electro Fire attribute to buff Element Saurus.

They usually add in other fire monsters and sometimes they include Tyrant Dragon as a boss monster in that variation.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Gagagigi is used in the Reptile Dino decks!

They use Gaga because it is a high attack reptile monster.

Than they add in Ultra Evolution Pill which allows them to tribute Gaga to SS Dino's!

You shouldn't have Gaga in your variation because you don't run Ultra Evolution Pill.

Your better of sticking with the normal dinosaur cards for your Vanilla variation.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The other 2 variations are unrelated to your deck entirely.

The Fusion Dino's use Poly + Extra deck.

The Big Dino variation uses high level dino's with Big Evolution Pill.

I think those other 2 variations isn't what you are looking for in the deck you have.

Best bet is to make the Vanilla build!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The suggestions I have for a Vanilla build for you are the following:

-1 Electro
-1 Element Saurus
-1 Gagagigi
-1 Two-Headed King Rex
-1 Mask of Restrict
-2 Order to Charge

+1 Lotus
+2 Crawling Dragon #2
+1 Mad Sword Beast
+1 Fossil Dig
+2 Super Rush Headlong

Most players have replaced OTC with SRHL.
However, if you don't own any SRHL, you can use the OTC.



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