How to beat/farm Spunky Jaden Lvl 40

Anonymous 6days ago
Does Dark paladin work well against this jaden ???
Red 6days ago
It does, but since Jaden decks out pretty fast, you only get 6-7K score even with the bonus...
<< Anonymous(Red)
Anoymous 5days ago
7k is fine, it's not like this Jaden has that many good drops to warrant getting 8k consistently.
<< Anonymous(Red)
skankhunt42 5days ago
i dont know what you do wrong i can easy farm jaden with paladin for 9k+
<< Anonymous(Red)
A Kind Troll 5days ago
With a very consistent deck like Paladin, and an ongoing "score bonus" campaign, I'm not sure why you are struggling to reach 9000 AS and above.

Some unpopular tips:

1) [Draw Sense - Water] is a very efficient skill that can be paired up with at least one King of Swamp.

2) [Pot of Benevolence] to avoid decking out.

3) [Glossy + Prisma] Abuse the card trader.

4) [RESD] is a good 2nd fusion.
<< Anonymous(skankhunt42)
Red 5days ago
The thing is he sometimes brainlessly sends his airman/blazeman in front of your Paladin. If he does so early in the duel, he can mill up to 8 cards and that can be a problem if you can't draw your key combo cards in time.
<< Anonymous(A Kind Troll)
Al Anderson 5days ago
Remove this Fiend Megacyber. Add any other, like Dark another buster blader. Outside game add one Elemental Hero Neos Knight. He came with 3800 atk and Bister Blader on opening hand is higher than Megacyber.
<< Anonymous(Al Anderson)
Anoymous 4days ago
Fiend megacyber is just an insurance, lol I'm not even using it on the final turn. But there's that rare moment when my paladin was destroyed early because I let a poly slip on Jaden's field, so I'm left with RESD and lacking a 2nd monster for vassal. Then that card saved the day. :p
<< Anonymous(Red)
Anoymous 4days ago
Just destroy the blazemen/airmen or whatever they are turn after turn. You can keep him from decking out first because:
1) Pot of Benevolence (returns 2 cards)
2) Fusion Trap (mills from deck)
3) That spell which can mill a BB from deck
4) Field spell (can mill a Poly)
5) King of Swamps (can mill a Poly or two)



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