2nd Year Global Release Anniversary Campaign

Fairy Tail Invaded
Help me choose for UR dream ticket! T_T Why just one!!! 1st Angmarl 1st Evil Dragon Ananta 1st Gold Sarcophagus 1st Hamstrat 1st Lyla Lighsworn 1st Silent Magician 1st Treeborn Frog 2nd Archfiend Emperor 2nd Snipe Hunter 2nd Ties of the Brethen 3rd Axe Raider 3rd DD Assailant 3rd Gozuki 3rd Into the Void 3rd Karakuri "Sazank" 3rd Ninjutsu Art of Transformation 3rd Ojamatch 3rd Palaeozoic Canadia 3rd Sangan 3rd Soul Exchange 3rd Sphere Kuriboh 3rd Swap Frog 3rd UA Midfielder
Don't ask me because I have the same problem as yours. Lol
3rd Axe raider
3rd ojamatch
Go get a cosmic cyclone instead.
3rd Palaeozoic Canadia
<< Anonymous
Fairy Tail Invaded
Nah, I already have two cosmic cyclone, three is a bit too much. How I'm supposed to pick now!

Is there a deck that "STRICTLY" requires 3 Canadia in a deck? Not because it adds consistency but the deck just requires it... if none, maybe I'll get a 3rd Assailant.

Sorry for baiting with Axe Raider. Yea, it's there for the lulz.
<< Anonymous(Fairy Tail Invaded)
If you wanna to rebel against p2w players I suggest pick silent magician
<< Anonymous



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Yeah, thanks to their mistake of not making it available with gems since the beginning, now they ...
You need to have 3 or less cards in your deck. Cards in your hand doesn't matter.
You know the gems for floors 500-600 were guaranteed and could see on rewards list?
Basically running same thing but I traded out ra for cyber angel and more amazoness spell/traps f...
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