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Did they nerf the crap put of the droprate of skills? What is the droprate %? Can you still get them from legendary duelists?
I don't know the rate, but you can still get new skills from the LDs. But I think you have more of a chance if you have been using a character longer, if that even makes sense. They made it so you can't get duplicate skills, but it also seems like the droprate is less.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
My Bakura recently became lvl 40 so that should qualify as using a character longer i guess.
<< Anonymous
That should help, but it is hard to tell. I have everything for Aster lv. 42, but Mai is 44 and is still missing some skills.
The droprates fro LD's are very inconsistent. I've gone months not getting any, but then got 3 skill drops over the past two days from farming Crawler during this point bonus event.
Anoymous 13days ago
I read it was about 0.5% per drop against LDS (i.e. per 1000 points scored) and unlike SR/UR card drops it doesn't depend on the LD's level so 10 and 40 have the same chance of dropping a skill.

It may be a different in PvP duels (I suspect it's better) and it may depend on how many skills there are left to get.



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Fur Hires "43" WOW Second Tier 0 DL history.
Funny how this card is a drop from Ishizu.....and yet it's actually a 5Ds era card.
Terrible indeed, since it doesn't negate the Spell card's effect or activation
Yeah, it sounds like a strong Equip, but nope
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