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"Very specific condition makes this card inconsistent and situational to use." WTF! Any type themed deck could use this. Lv4 to Lv5, anyone? How is it "inconsistent and situational"?
Lord Pancake
Well... both type and attribute has to match. I thought about using it to summon that lvl 4 dark dragon with 2400 atk, but there is not much option for lvl 3 dark dragons. So it Blue or Red eyes still might be more consistent. And lvl 5 monsters ar not so good either. Maybe it could work in a dark warrior deck for lvl 5s. Or maybe there is a lvl 5 Dark zombie with 2400 atk... maybe that might work
Mah Boi
Wattail is level 6, it won't work.
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Yeah yeah youre right, still tho, there's dark lv 5 dragons. And I can easily slap a casual deck together with this card and Freed
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Also he could just rock dragon rebirth to solve his problem
<< Anonymous
Lord Pancake
Well I found a useful thing: It is possible to special summon Space-Time Police whit this. Btw And Freed cannot be special summoned, and Wattail is a lvl 6. I like when people who know the least have the bigest mouth. And you bother lvl 3 to 4 cause the lvl 4 dragon with 2400 atk can only be special summoned. I found some other cards that let special summon lvl 4 monsters, so the idea is not dead.
<< Anonymous(Lord Pancake)
pitch dark dragon
Transmodify is perfect for an EARTH Warrior deck.

* Marmiting Captain (a lvl 3) can Normal Summon, activate effect, either SS or add S/T, then Transmodify into BOXer (lvl 4) for beatdown or Exiled Force (lvl 4) for disruption.

* Any lvl 4 can Transmodify into Freed, the Matchless General (lvl 5).
<< Anonymous(Terin)
I've been running this deck both competitively and auto-duel and it's pretty effective:

3 Exiled Force
2 Freed, the Matchless General
2 BOXer
1 Battleguard King
2 Marmiting Captain
1 Field-Commander Rahz

2 Enemy Controller
2 Transmodify

1 Floodgate
1 Mirror Wall
1 Wall of Disruption
1 Windstorm of Etaqua
This card has perfect synergy with Shadow Ghoul. Gives a direct deck summon and power up.


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^Yeah, pretty much similar to sixsam dual wield. There can't be two x-saber on the OP field
I have some bad news for you that involves Infenities then.
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