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Junk synchron 2.0 but better
Good indeed, but a comparison against Junk Synchron seems out of place
<< Anonymous(Chulo)
Overall ther is more wind mosters than wariorr, she is easier to summon (thanks to her synergy with gusto) and she can summon wind monster of any lvl
<< Anonymous
They both have their own advantage and disadvantage.

Junk Warrior can summon any Level 2 and be used for any Synchro. But most of the time you'll just summon a level 5 Synchro with it.

Pilica restricts you to WIND stuff, but you can fetch any level WIND Tuner, meaning there's more variety in the WIND Synchro you can summon.
Simple enough

Junk = *4&*5 synchro engine (mostly *5)

Pilica = *4-*6 synchro engine as long as u have corresponding level in the gy, with restrictions only wind monster u can summon in that turn


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