Millennium-Eyes Restrict

A 0 Attack beater before your opponent activates Effect monster. My question: why would people do that when this card is on the field?
Cause most people can't read cards LUL

Have you ever played Wildheart derck? Even tho it has like one line of text people still use traps against him
A lot of people still don't bother to read their opponent's cards, even in 2019.
Mystic Quest
WTF?! xD
<< Anonymous
I had an enemy destroying my Geartown lmao.

Likely because he only see me using its "1 less Tribute" effect, and thought that's all Geartown can do.


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Insted of crying for those card, I prefer to crying over lava golem
Trinity at one in the SD is on purpose, they want you to buy another structure deck if you want a...
So you wanna macro cosmos? But this card is still good for metaphys
Oh really but I know that people that reach KoG automatically go to 2nd stage so you said that I ...
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