Chazz Princeton

This is how I got my comeback victory to unlock Chazz: 1. I let Chazz (lv. 20) directly attack me with one Ojama. 2. I let him do it again next turn after he brings out one more Ojama, they both attack. (My LP: 1000) 3. On my turn, use Shooting Star Bow Ceal on 1 Ojama, then Rising Energy on Asura Priest, attack both Ojamas with Asura Priest, Chazz loses all LP. Bam! Comeback Victory! Hello Chazz!
Nice.if me just use ceb to unlock he
<< Anonymous
Thanks. I tried to design the deck to give me enough to kill him on one turn after he wailed on me a bit. But luck played a little, too.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Welcome .well just now I beat he lv20 he get first turn and use ojama Knight and take two space .so I can't summon my Horus careful if u meet he sorry bad English
Its really not that hard seriously.
<< Anonymous
The irony of it was that I received a comeback victory against Aster five minutes later without even trying. I don't even know how it happens sometimes.



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This is what I use for farming Aster. I'm too lazy to explain it so, I will make it short. ...
Got prismatic stardust.
:°) yeah!
Fucking bullshit that he gets the shit he has while we don't get the crap of the cards he�...
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