Union Cerberus: deck recipe

Thus deck is weird. Why even use Riryoku when you have Union Attack? Better to add a spell that adds consistency. Also, "Twister may not work in all situations as it can only target face-up spell/trap cards" This is not true. You can turn self chain to "On", and then use any normall spell and the game will ask you if you want to chain Twister. Just say "Yes" and you can now target the normal spell. You will "destroy" it, but Twister does not negate spells, so you will still get the spell effect.
Riryoku can steal ATK from your opponent's monsters.
Little kuriboh
If you have 2 cerebus out it steals cerebus power and gives it to other plus then union still get big boost
<< Anonymous(Little kuriboh)
Doesn't work that way. Riryoku gives half of the ORIGINAL attack. So you get 700, not half of the boosted attack.
<< Anonymous(Goodwood)
No, it gives the current atk, who gives the original atk by half is Half-Counter
<< Anonymous
It still doesn't matter, because union attack effect kicks in during the battle step AFTER you use riryoku.... Meaning that you will still get the same attack if you half one of your own monsters, so riryoku only works with union attack if you steal from an opponents monster.


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