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But what does this card do?
100% True
You draw any 2 cards from your opponents deck (you can look at their deck)
<< Anonymous(100% True)
troll.u draw to cards from your deck.
<< Anonymous
To anon above: Could you explain in more details please?
<< Anonymous
I'll field this one.

It lets you draw 2 cards then banishes your opponents entire deck.
Send this card to the graveyard; Draw two cards, if you do, shuffle your deck.
<< Anonymous
Fetih 1453
For no cost? Does it target the two cards?
<< Anonymous(Fetih 1453)
Great question. Does it target?

And I have another question: Does it work with the Invoked Engine?
It has great synergy with other “pot of” cards
<< Anonymous
Draw two cards as a cost, return all cards your opponent controls and in their hand and graveyard and in banished zone to their deck. During the end of your turn banish your opponents deck.


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Why the F he has gagaga girl as level up reward.
Can you use this for Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon?
Dark magician easily evades the banlist.takes out the semi limited dark magician of illusion and ...
I only just unlocked the Game Mat. I aim to get the Title, so tonight, I'm hardcore grinding...
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