13th Mini Box: Empire of Scarlet

Furry Player 13days ago
This box is a joke! LMAO! I smashed every vampire & insect deck with my Fur Hire in PvP and reached KOG with my eyes closed. Get gud!
WhaNOLRdius 13days ago
But can your Furs' swim with my SSA Daedalus?
Yugitrollz 13days ago
You’re telling other player to “get gud” while you are over here using your furrie deck? Lol, time to re-evaluate yourself.
<< Anonymous(Yugitrollz)
Anoymous 13days ago
U sir, is tilted. Congratz
<< Anonymous
Yugitrollz 12days ago
Yeah right, I got KoG with Geargia last season, not some no brain f2p deck. I had to exterminated multiple fur fags in row just to get there, your deck isn’t unbeatable to people who can count past 3.
Anoymous 12days ago
The game is all luck with the right cards you win if not no every type of deck has its flaws.
good* 12days ago
<< Anonymous
just wait 12days ago
they nerfed one really good deck, but fur hire will get one soon. Or we at least hope.



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Also, Mermail's own Donpa and Recon are SR, making them immune to banlist.
Word "Earthbound" at carly's skill means just "earthbound monster" or w...
Look. They said that "1 gem" was a mistake for Konami employees. They also said that i...
visionary could also kill you if he gets enough attack
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