Duelist Challenges

Andrew Bacon
... Lols, r u serious? this is very easy, why dont people are not able to comprehend these? I guess retards need 2 look up answers on the internet first things first :P :)
English Motherfucker
And yet you came here.
So i guess welcome to the retard club.
<< Anonymous(English Motherfucker)
Andrew Bacon
Well, now! :) It's a pleasure 2 b part of the retard club
<< Anonymous(Andrew Bacon)
Harry Mustard
I'm a musTARD, do I qualify?
<< Anonymous(Harry Mustard)
English Motherfucker
That's a question for the club committee.
<< Anonymous(English Motherfucker)
10 year old loli
that's what a site like this is for to tell us what we want to know



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There's skills that require you to control Ancient Fairy, Black Rose, Life Stream, Power Too...
Also, Mermail's own Donpa and Recon are SR, making them immune to banlist.
Look. They said that "1 gem" was a mistake for Konami employees. They also said that i...
visionary could also kill you if he gets enough attack
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