Duelist Challenges

Andrew Bacon
... Lols, r u serious? this is very easy, why dont people are not able to comprehend these? I guess retards need 2 look up answers on the internet first things first :P :)
English Motherfucker
And yet you came here.
So i guess welcome to the retard club.
<< Anonymous(English Motherfucker)
Andrew Bacon
Well, now! :) It's a pleasure 2 b part of the retard club
<< Anonymous(Andrew Bacon)
Harry Mustard
I'm a musTARD, do I qualify?
<< Anonymous(Harry Mustard)
English Motherfucker
That's a question for the club committee.
<< Anonymous(English Motherfucker)
10 year old loli
that's what a site like this is for to tell us what we want to know



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Middle finger to all the pricks who invested in BEWD lol.
Good man :)
No wonder they nerfed cyber style, I guess it can still be abused by skills that require losing l...
I remove a equip and negate your Chalice/Donpa/Yubel. For Yubel I negate her on the my turn then ...
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