Scheming Weevil Roaming Event

After Atem remembered his name. It didn't matter if some of the Exodia pieces were lost in the sea.
He was only asking if he got them back so your statement just makes you look ignorant by, "it didn't matter."
<< Anonymous
to ape above
Dude, the comment above is not a reply to anyone else.

Who is the ignorant? evaluate your actions next time.
<< Anonymous(to ape above)
Who you kidding? Some guy mentions yugi's exodia pieces if he got them back and it just so happens, he made a post of the exact same topic. Look at the posts before you try to be a 🔥 and comment
<< Anonymous
this guy up here
he's definitely paranoid or something...
so sad
<< Anonymous(this guy up here)
Seems legit, but such thing happens at the end of the series.


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^ Imagine the Konami employee who reads this and tries to convince the team to implement that
No, select Darkness Dragon or Metal Dragon. It would make much more sense.
It's not the same thing. Those were 2 completely different events. They had no similarities ...
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