Gladiator Beasts : deck recipe

Why is this deck so OP and almost invincible? If God played Duel Links, he'd use Glad Beasts. It's just so good, I can't even come close to beating it. Any strategy to play against this deck of God?
Their father
Use some cards that negating effect of a monster, like divine wrath, etc. . .
Use 2 of these cards :)
I've been using Rex Control deck for a while and haven't lost many times to glad beasts... Especially because my deck is focused on banishing the oponent's backrow cards and/or making them useless with cards such as Gyokko or Seargent Electro.
The thing is: any deck can be countered, no matter how strong it is.
Play Aroma deck or REZD budget deck against It. I always win If I Play using those deck against GB. For Aroma's strength is combo with Rose Lover to protect your monster by Trap (usually Training Shield or WoD) and for REZD, you should do spec. Summ. As much as you can using Gozuki's effect and take control 1 GB monster with E-Con



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Same situation here, although with a different card. I only obtained 1 Zeradias and it was from t...
Jinzo won't be forgotten as long as Traps are still prevalent in the metagame.
You can't, BESD must be Special Summoned by Tributing BEUD and cannot be Special Summoned in...
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