Sera (DSOD)

Cubic mandala is awesome
Really hard to pull off at the moment, though.

In fact, I never see Unknown Duelist activating it, not even once.
<< Anonymous
Neither do I.
<< Anonymous
I did. She only had two or three traps in her deck
<< Anonymous
What deck you used? I used huge LIGHT monsters boosted by field spell and equip spell to farm her, so the condition for Cubic Mandala is never fulfilled, as she doesn't have a monster strong enough to destroy mine.
<< Anonymous
A BEWD deck. She only used it once after she destroyed my white stone of ancients so it's effect wouldn't activate. I waan't farming her though i managed to get the remainder of the cards and finish the event within a day or two before it ended


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f**ing idiot. I already said all my hard earned gems are spent gems. Do you know how much time ...
I dunno why they make the worst events last longer than usual.
^were you expecting someone with brain cells in a blue eyes post?
you don't have to just got medraut or whatever they target for an equip spell
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