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This and SSA is 🔥 vs 🔥: whoever wins, we lose.
Look here guys!! This man said Cyclone is 🔥, whats next? Baboon 🔥?! XD
Bypasses all protections against spell/trap removal other than generic counter traps like Magic Jammer, and STILL makes the user of Brain Research Lab take mass damage despite all the setup made to avoid doing so, by simply activating one card? 🔥.
<< Anonymous
Brain Lab is trash so lol
<< Anonymous
It’s not trash, it’s an excellent card, activates a lot of excellent effects. Psychics need to set up a lot of cards, so much bs that one single card takes the entire board down.


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Can be summoned from the graveyard by monster reporn
Yugioh duel links tea dm ritual. Master
Yes. Very much so.
It usually happens to me too when I activate "trap hole of spikes"
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