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ptw card... 🔥
500 Gems is REAAAALLLY P2W. I mean, it must be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to gain 500 Gems in this game.
<< Anonymous
If you want 3 you must pay real money.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Must pay $8 total to buy two more beyond gems. Not that bad.

Altho I agree annoying that we're limited to one deck with gems. But Konami's gotta make money to keep the game going !
<< Anonymous
Once again... The actual 🔥ing card game is p2w! There are no gems in real life you cheap bastards
<< Anonymous
Yugioh cards are originaly PAID FOR. If you wanted to have badass deck IRL, you better get some money together. Stop whining you F2P brats. None of people like you would play Yugioh IRL because it costs real money.
Mah Boi
Paying for real life cards that you can keep is more reasonable than wasting money on application-exclusive virtual cards in a game that can delete your account after 6 months of inactivity...
<< Anonymous
real life cards have real value and you can resell them later for increased price.
<< Anonymous
Or you can just download YGOPro and play with all cards for free. Or even just print IRL cards if the people you play with are fine with that.


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